64 million pounds and some hummus

I read today of an internet sensation called Grumpy Cat (it is obviously very well know but I have to admit I had never heard of it or seen it).  Grumpy cat has, apparently, earned its owner 64 million pounds in the last two years!

Here is one of my cats having a snooze:


If anyone would like to give me 64 million pounds to see more then please do get in touch!   What kind of world is it when there is so much poverty, hunger and desperation in various parts of it yet a cat can ‘earn’ 32 million pounds a year?  I don’t mean to be po-faced, I’m all for a bit of light relief to help balance the sheer amount of bad news we see and hear about every day but am completely astonished that light relief can generate that kind of money?   I don’t think I’ll plan my retirement around the earning potential of my two moggies.

I had an overwhelming urge for hummus for lunch so set about making a quick batch.  My ‘recipe’ (such as it is) should anyone find it useful (amounts are vague because I do it by eye and taste):

1 can chick peas

Lemon juice (of one lemon)

Extra virgin olive oil (several long drizzles)

Tahini – one big dollop

Salt and pepper to taste

Garlic – as much as satisfies your taste buds (for me that was one bulb – I like garlic) peeled

Paprika – sprinkle of

A little of the chick pea water (if needed) to slacken the mix.

Put all the above in a food processor and blitz until you reach the consistency you like, adding more oil or lemon (decide by having a quick taste) to reach that consistency.

Half-way through blitzing:






Hope you all had a good day.

Until tomorrow…


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