Shampoo, sunshine and food.

That would be carpet shampoo – lots of carpet cleaning done today, then the doors and windows opened to help them dry.

Once they were all done the only sensible thing to do was stay out of the house so as not to mucky them up whilst drying so the paddling pool was filled, blankets and towels laid on the grass, books, bubble wands, bats and balls and a few other bits and pieces were taken out in to the garden and a fairly relaxing few hours was had.    There was lots of playing, lots of splashing a picnic lunch and some ice cream.

I also got all the bedding and two sets of curtains washed and line dried.  We listened to the James Ward match on the radio in the garden but came in to watch the Murray match – it all got a bit tense in the third set, didn’t it!

Tonight was pesto:

Lots of fresh basil leaves


Pine nuts

Oil (we use a mix of olive and sunflower as we find olive on its own is a bit too rasping)

Salt and pepper.

Parmesan cheese

We don’t add the parmesan until after we have blitzed the other ingredients in the processer:




I hope you have all had a good day.   Tomorrow I am taking small person to see an open air theatre production of Alice in Wonderland.  We are going with some friends and having a picnic lunch first.  She is quite excited and I have to confess I am rather looking forward to it too.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Shampoo, sunshine and food.

  1. Thats just what I had for lunch today too, except I use walnuts and cheddar instead. Very yummy


    1. I am going to try your receipe walnuts and cheddar. We had the parmesan and pine nuts in so it seemed silly not to use them but I love walnuts so plan on giving your version a try.


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