A picnic basket

I can, for the first time in ages, do a post that has some connection with the name of the blog!  I made something!

Hold on to your hats or socks – well, probably don’t bother as the ‘make’ I am about to present will be fabulously underwhelming!

I mentioned yesterday that I was taking small person to see Alice in Wonderland in the open air today and that we were having a picnic.   We were going with friends and the other mum and I had sorted out who was taking what in terms of food etc.   Normally when OH and I do picnics for us and small person we pack a cool bag and a backpack and head out on the bikes.  Today we were going by car so I decided it would be  nice to make use of my old wicker picnic basket:


It doesn’t have all the fancy strapping inside to hold all the picnic cutlery and crockery, it is just a plain basket:


So I decided to make a padded base for it.    I cut two pieces of wadding to fit and then cut up a piece of pink gingham fabric, folded it round the wadding and loosely tacked it on the underside.   I kept the sewing simple – just tacking stitches so that I can snip them out and wash the fabric if it gets mucky and re-sew it without it being a major job each time:


So a fairly underwhelming make but it did make the picnic basket a bit softer inside and prompted me to pack bone china plates for everyone – a folded linen napkin inserted between each plate to cushion them and the plate stack tied with a ribbon to keep it together.   Glasses for everyone – each wrapped in a linen napkin and nice cutlery tied in small bundles with more ribbon.   I should have photographed it with all the china, glasses and cutlery inside but, of course, I forget.   I was glad I made the effort, the grown-ups appreciated having nice tings to eat off and with – the children were more into the food – of course, and that is how it should be.   My share of the food was packed in a cool bag – less pretty but necessarily practical.  It was nice to have a picnic that was a little more civilised than usual.

The play was lots of fun and the children all really enjoyed it.  The sun came out and stayed out for the duration of the picnic and play which was great and we all had ice cream on the way home.

It was a lovely day of fun, laughter and good company in the midst of moving chaos and upheaval.

I hope you all had a good Sunday.



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