Making tough(ish) decisions

To some this might not seem all that tough but when it comes to decluttering books it is rarely easy.

We had a big book clearout last week and we are still picking away at the shelves to reduce the overall mass a bit more.  I cleared this lot today:


One bag is full of cook books the other four bags are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction.   All of these books have been read and enjoyed at some point.     But I am now getting rid of some books that I know I wont read again – not because they weren’t good or interesting just because there is always more stuff I want to read.  I probably wont need them for teaching and they wont be needed for any future research.   I am not getting rid of all books that fall in to the above categories but some.   OH is also having another sort through.   We will still have many hundreds of books left – we are serious book people and they will always be our most numerous possession but there comes a point when you have to get rid of stuff that will now do no more than gather dust.   If only so as to make space for new ones!    I have even reduced my crime fiction shelves keeping only Golden Age crime fiction and getting rid of more recently published crime.   Of course my 19th century novel collection remains untouched as do most of my 19th focused non fiction books although I have weeded a few out of this last category but not many.

Carpets have dried and furniture is back where it all belongs (only the hall carpet to do now).  Small person also had a sort through of toys and books today after school and got rid of three big bags full of stuff which will go to the charity shop.  I think it’s a big deal for small children to get rid of stuff – she kept a few things that she is too old for because they were particularly precious(!)  but she was actually really quite grown-up about it all.

Good tennis today.

Until tomorrow….


7 thoughts on “Making tough(ish) decisions

  1. Have done exactly the same thing this year. Had a glut of books stashed in the garage that I’ve had for years (mainly cookbooks), didn’t like, and knew I’d never read, let alone bring back in the house. So they all went into recycling. Fabulous feeling, getting rid of stuff like that!


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