I started to organise a few storage solutions today.

Small person’s toys needed sorting and better organising.     She has lots of lego in an assortment of different containers.  One is a big plastic lego tub but the rest of the lego is in whatever spare tuperware containers I had so today I purchased:


The photo is a bit blurry but you can probably see that it is a lego design all over it.   She was very pleased and now the lego is all much tidier.

I also bought:


The pink and blue one will take care of her My Little Pony toys which usually get left in a pile by her bookcase and the red and cream box will house all the loose Sylvanian Family bits and pieces.

The red and cream box was one of those handy collapsible boxes:


and they are a good price in The Works at the moment so I am going to go back and get another 1/2 a dozen.   My storage solutions (for paperwork, keepsakes etc) are usually to use whatever tatty box or sturdy bag I have to hand and then hide said box or bag in a cupboard.  There is nothing like knowing that a bunch of strangers are soon to be packing up your worldly goods to make you think about sorting some slightly more attractive storage solutions!

I also went a bit stationery crazy in The Works today too.  My new hobby will have to be letter writing – they had some really nice writing sets!

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Storage

  1. ooh, I like those storage boxes. I’ll have to take a snoop around The Works, haven’t visited for a while.
    Kids & their stuff! I’ve been a sneaky so & so today. Took a little look around the house at The Danger Zones, i.e, where Violet’s crap piles up and will get a million times worse over school hols. I’ve chucked out so much rubbish that I’m sure she would call ‘treasures’, but it had to go. She’ll go berserk at me if she realises!
    Well, sometimes you just have to be a sneaky mama and get rid, other times new storage is the solution!


    1. I had never been in The Works before yesterday – how had this place past me by before?! I have been sneaky about bits and pieces over the years but because of the move we need a major sort out so Flo has to be involved. What she has enjoyed doing is sorting out lots of books, puzzles and games that she is too old for and donating them to the pre-school and nursery at her current infant school. She adores the teachers in these sections because she has happy memories of her time there. The staff have been brilliant – they know how little ones don’t like getting rid of their ‘treasure’ – so they have made a huge fuss of thanking her and ooh-ing and aah-ing over the bags of stuff we have donated.


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