One of those days when I really have nothing much to blog about.  However…

Should anyone still be reading I shall share my uneventful day with you.  I spent most of the day sorting out paperwork – usual house/life stuff:  bills, bank paperwork, car stuff, etc etc.   All paperwork is filed in one cupboard, I am quite good at putting the paperwork in the cupboard, but not always neatly filed, and I am not very good at getting rid of old stuff.  So I spent a couple of hours weeding out paperwork that is old enough to be destroyed and filing more recent stuff neatly.  I was surprised at how much I could get rid of – this is not a job I do nearly regularly enough.

I have also been taking down curtains so that they have a pre-move wash.

I took small person swimming after school which was good fun, as usual.   And I seem to have hurt my knee again – as with last time – I am not really sure how but it is quite painful so I might try to find time tomorrow to go for a proper swim.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I might have something more interesting to write about.    Some good tennis today – saw a bit of the Murray match this afternoon.

I have been reading lots of other blogs where people have been sharing their fruit and veg harvests – this is the first year I haven’t grown anything (the established strawberry plants have provided a fair crop of fruit but that was luck rather than planning).   Next year I will be able to get growing again hopefully.   I have never grown vast amounts but I do enjoy having a small but regular amount of home-grown produce.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Sorry about your knee. What is it with knees and pain? Seems like you’re perfectly fine, then out of nowhere a nasty pain shows up and takes days to go. Had this a few times recently, painful and annoying. Hope your pain goes as quickly as it turned up.

    Some years we grow nothing in the garden, other years we grow loads. This year we haven’t grown a huge amount, and I still need to start off some lettuce!

    Good work on the paperwork sort out. Takes so much time to go through, but good once it’s done!



    1. Paperwork is such a boring job, I think that is why I don’t do it regularly enough – it’s not difficult to find something more interesting to do! I think when it comes to growing stuff I do it as much for a bit of ‘garden therapy’, there is something very satisfying, perhaps even quite primal about growing something to eat. Knee is annoyingly still sore this morning – luckily I am meeting a friend for coffee and (medicinal) cake later! Have a good day.


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