Reuse – repair – recycle

Did something reasonably blog theme related today – hoorah!

We have two (once fat) cushions that came with our sofa, from John Lewis, over a decade ago.

The cushions are getting decidedly floppy and rather sad looking in terms of plumpness:


You can probably see why they have lost some of their plumpness in the second photo – feathers.  They are feather stuffed and the pesky things constantly work their way out.   So not only am I always having to pick up feathers from the sofa or floor after they have drifted down but the cushions have lost their plump.

Rather than buy more feathers to restuff them I have been saving scraps (from quilt piece cutting and any other sewing I have done).


I unpicked the inner lining of one of the cushions and restuffed it with all the scraps.   The result was a cushion restored to plumpness:


So now I just have to save more scraps to re-plump the other one.   A small act of recycling that appealed to my inner thrifty-ness!

Lovely sun today – lots of washing line dried.    Indoors a little more decluttering and sorting took place.

I hope you all had a good day.

Until tomorrow…


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