Today I have mostly been…

grooming ponies.

Sadly not real ones though.  Small person thought it would be fun to take her collection of My Little Pony toys in to the paddling pool yesterday for a pool party and as a result their lurid coloured manes and tails were a little messy today and she asked me if I could help her tidy them up!   Well it gave me something to do whilst watching the tennis!

We did have a productive day in other ways – it’s not all been about synthetic hair grooming really.   We did finish clearing the attic.  Whoop Whoop – the attic is empty.  Okay, some of the stuff from the attic is in the spare room and I still need to deal with it but I think it still counts as progress.   The cover is back on the attic hatch and we don’t need to go in there again.

We also made two runs to the local tip/recycling centre with some stuff that we had been piling up so, all in all, things are all heading in the right direction for our move in 19 days.

Tomorrow will be spent sorting some stuff out to put on ebay.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…


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