Scrappy blanket – finished!

I know – how long did that take!


Still all the odd balls of wool are used up and the blanket is in one of the bags to go to the charity shop.

Today has been a day of cleaning and clearing – lots of baby stuff sorted – pram, travel cot, play mat etc.  Some of these things will go up on ebay others will go to the charity shop.

Very tired today- small person cried a lot last night – finally cried herself to sleep at about 11pm last night.    She had her best friend over after school yesterday, they had lots of fun writing a play, had dinner together and generally had a fine old time.   When she went to bed the nerves about moving away and ‘never seeing E….. again’ kicked in and the tears came.   E…. is actually coming to see us the week after we move because her grandparents live about 20 miles away from where we are moving!  But small person is 7, this village and school are all she has ever known and all she can see is what she will be leaving behind, what she will gain is an unknown quantity so there is little consolation to be had from reassurances that she ‘will make lots of new friends’.

So, she finally slept at abut 11pm and then I went to bed but couldn’t sleep because I felt completely rung-out from watching her cry for so long…

I am off to bed now!

Until tomorrow…


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