Pasta ‘recipe’ and the quilt!

I am not sure that I should really call the food I am about to detail a recipe.

It was one of those nights when the meal plan got forgotten and I decided to make dinner out of what needed eating up.

The main ingredients were sausages, carrots and tomatoes.    I decided to chop the carrots into bite-sized batons and roast them along with the tomatoes, I put the sausages under the grill and when both were nearly done I cooked some spaghetti pasta.    Once the pasta was cooked I removed the roasted veg dish from the oven, drained the pasta and tipped the pasta in to the roasting dish to mix it with the veg and coat it with the oil and then this was put in to pasta bowls and the sausages put on top, a good grating of parmesan and this rather odd combination proved to be a very nice dinner which we all enjoyed.


And now I am going to do a bit of work on my quilt.  My rash promise made a couple of months ago that I would finish it before the move can now only be thought of with the sound of mocking laughter in my ears.   This is all I have made towards the quilt in the last few weeks:


I am off now to stitch them on to the main quilt.

Until tomorrow…


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