The end of another week

I hope you all had a good weekend.   Today was a combination of busy and fun.

Lots of jobs got done around the house this morning – mostly jobs connected with the move – big items of furniture moved out and cleaned behind, more curtains rehung after being washed and ironed.

I realise I am in grave danger of being a moving bore but it really is all I can think about now as it is less than two weeks away!

The fun aspect was that small person had a birthday party to go to this afternoon so she had a couple of hours away from the chaos.

Small person has two days left at school now.    There were lots of leaver events on Friday however.   She is finishing year 2 and will be going to year 3 in September but as her current school is only an infant school all the year 2 children will be moving on to new schools so there was a leavers assembly on Friday – yes, tears were shed – by the parents, the kids were all fine!   They then had a day filled with games and an after school party and barbecue until 5pm.

Tomorrow I must sort out some presents to take in to the staff on Tuesday.

We have got some fun planned for the time left here – we are heading in to London next Sunday to go on the London Eye – small person has never been on it and OH and I haven’t been on it for years.   I am also going to take her to the Roald Dahl museum as it is only about 35 miles from here.    On the day before we move, when the removal men are in doing all the packing, a lovely, kind friend is taking small person off to LEGOLAND with her two children so that she is away from all the chaos.   She has been quite nervous about the move, this house, this village and her school are all she has ever known so it is a big transition for her.   It is a big transition for all of us really but much harder for a 7 year old to deal with as all she knows is what she is leaving behind.

I am hoping for a few sells on ebay over the next week if not more trips to the charity shops will be needed.

Now, a glass of wine and then bed.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “The end of another week

    1. It really will make such a difference, we can get on clearing up behind the packers and she doesn’t have to watch her whole life being put in boxes. I know that sounds dramatic but all she has ever known is this house so it is bound to be unsettling for her.


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