Simple cooking

Dinner was very simple tonight.    I did roast chicken yesterday and there is always plenty of meat left over so I decided to use it up in a simple pasta dish tonight.

What follows barely constitutes a recipe but did make a nice dinner.

First off I chopped red peppers and spring onions and gently cooked them:


Once they had cooked down I added a tub of soft cheese, slackened this off with a bit of water and then added chopped cooked chicken, a good few twists of salt and pepper:


I put the lid on this and left it to simmer gently so that the chicken was thoroughly reheated and got on with cooking some spaghetti pasta.

Once that was cooked I tipped it in with the peppers and chicken  and gave it a good mix:


I forgot to take a photo of the plated up portions but you get the idea.   Simple but tasty.

Now off to wrap presents for small person to take in for her final day tomorrow.

I hope you all had a good day.

Until tomorrow…


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