A simple but lovely day

Yesterday was one of those days that was perfect because of its simplicity.

As it was the first day of the summer holidays I arranged to go to a nearby playpark with a friend and her two children – one of whom used to be in the same class as small person.   We had planned a full day there with a picnic lunch but the weather forecast predicted rain by lunchtime so we decided, the day before, to make it a lunch at the nearby Harvester.

So we were at the play park by 9.30 the three kids played, climbed, swung, ran, laughed, danced until 12.30 while friend and I chatted.   12.30 and the clouds came and the rain started to spot so a jump in to the cars and off to Harvester for lunch,    several games of pass the pig were played over the lunch.   Back to the park for an hour after lunch (the rain had stopped), then the rain came back in a serious way so back to friends for more, indoor, playing.   The children played with lego, sang (to each other in another room!) did drawings, etc etc.   They all had tea together and we finally went home at 7pm.

It was just one of those uneventful but perfect days.  Children playing nicely together all day and two grown-ups having lots of time to chat.

Not exactly material for a stimulating and interesting blog post but as that is what happened there is not a lot more to say!

It was lovely, also, to have a day away from moving preparations!

I hope you all had a good day.

Until tomorrow…



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