A slightly more productive day!

I did get dressed today!   Which is a vast improvement on yesterday.

Got a few house move preparation jobs done today – I do realise how boring the constant references to moving preparations must be – I will be as relieved as you when it is over and we are settled in our new place!

The main thing I am ‘making’ at the moment is some slightly odd meal combinations to use up food in the freezer.   Plans to go to the London Eye tomorrow have been shelved as the weather forecast is really bad and there is no point in spending lots of money for the three of us to go up in the Eye if the visibility will be very poor.

Small person had a birthday party to attend today and she had a good time there, and I had a pleasant couple of hours chat to other mums.

I got some garden tidying  done this afternoon and plenty of washing dried on the line.

Hope you have all had a good day.

Until tomorrow…

I do hope you will bear with me through these rather boring pre-move posts, I will get back to more mending/making/crafting when we have moved!


2 thoughts on “A slightly more productive day!

    1. It is tipping down here so I think we made the right decision! Two very soggy cats have just come in and there is a beefy goodness casserole cooking away in the slow cooker so things aren’t all bad!


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