Same old, same old……!

I am almost reluctant to post…

Nothing more exciting to post about than moving preparations (again) today.

Two trips to the recycling centre and one to the charity shop.    Two items that had been sold on ebay were collected.

I did do a little bit of sewing on my quilt this afternoon, I managed to add about half a dozen hexi pieces – it was raining, small wanted to watch a film , so I set about the sewing while she did.

Meal plan (such as it is) for the week:

Today:  Packet of stewing steak from the freezer cooked in the slow cooker with mushrooms, onions and gravy,   served with roasties, yorkies and veg.

Tomorrow:  I have quite a large bag of homemade pastry in the freezer so I will probably make a quiche.

Tuesday: No idea – nothing left in the freezer to use up so I will have to get something from the shops to go with some store-cupboard ingredients.

Wednesday:  Probably tuna, pasta salad as we are out all day (picnic/packed lunch planned for outing) so whatever we eat when we get home will need to be quick and simple.

Thursday:  Packing and loading day so take away chips!

Friday: No idea as we will be in new house (hopefully) so nothing more exciting than beans on toast probably!

I am planning on posting tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday and then not again until Saturday.   I am hoping for Saturday as our internet and broadband provider have said we will have service in the new place from Friday so – fingers crossed!

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…


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