In 48 hours

We should be all packed and loaded – in 72 hours we will be in our new home – fingers crossed and with lots of prayers to the powers above.

I am reaching saturation point (and I am sure you are sick of reading about it!).   There is not much left for us to do – I have got some paperwork to sort out and the fridge to give a good clean and then we hand over to the professionals on Thursday morning.

I will blog tomorrow night but there should be no mention of moving – we are off to the Roald Dahl museum tomorrow so I will tell you all about that.

Until tomorrow – and thank you all for bearing with me through these boring posts!


4 thoughts on “In 48 hours

  1. I hope that it all goes incredibly well and that you are very very happy in your new home!!! Take care, try not to get too too stressed and remember, don’t cook on the last night in your old house or first night in your new one, that is what takeout and a cold bottle of wine are for! xx


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