Roald Dahl Museum

I had planned that this would be a long post giving an extensive review of our visit today but it is now so late and I am so tired that I am afraid it will be quite brief.

The Roald Dahl museum was fantastic – it is small but there is plenty going on, lots of activities, plenty to see, very interactive and with some interesting workshops.  We spent all day there, small person had a great time and we did too.   If you haven’t visited and you enjoy his work then I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Amongst other things they have reassembled Dahl’s writing hut in the museum and you can see the collection of curious things that Dahl liked to have about him – including his hip bone which he asked to keep after a hip replacement.    Also some shavings from his spine and his false teeth!    There were some great story telling sessions and I got volunteered by small person to take part in a reading of some Revolting Rhymes – which was huge fun.   We got there at 10am when it opened and stayed until 4pm.   It is not an expensive museum to visit and I thought it was worth every penny.  We paid extra for the workshop and that was great value too.   If you can get to Great Missenden then do give it a visit.

Since getting home it has been non-stop activity in preparation for the packers coming tomorrow.    I hope to be back posting on Saturday.

Until then…


4 thoughts on “Roald Dahl Museum

    1. Thank you, at the moment it is 1pm on Thursday, I am sat on the living room floor with nothing but empty space all around me listening to people pack my life in to boxes, while I wait to put the hoover round!


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