A moving story!

Or, the story of our move.

As I posted, very briefly yesterday, we are in.  There were a few ups and downs along the way but no major disasters (although there is still a lot of unpacking to do!)

The removal men arrived promptly at 8am on Thursday morning and all four of them worked quickly and very efficiently,  with me and OH vacuuming, wiping, cleaning and scrubbing as the place slowly cleared.   It was a big job – it is not until you see all the boxes piling up that you realise just how much stuff you have.  The removal men were all packed and loaded by 5pm.   All that stayed in the house with us was the kettle and a couple of mugs, teabags, milk, some brioche and grapes for breakfast, a radio, a small amount of cleaning stuff, sleeping bags and an overnight bag.  Plus cat ‘stuff’.

Small person had enjoyed a brilliant day at Legoland and  we had a quick dinner at the local pub before heading home to our very empty house to camp out on the sitting room floor.  Sleeping bags on a hard floor do not lend themselves to a great nights sleep.   Small person was okay as she was in/on a blow-up ready-bed so she slept really well.    OH and me – not so much.

Small person went round the empty house in the morning saying goodbye to every room and hugging practically every wall and as we pulled away from the front of the house she shouted ‘Bye Bye Surrey – Hello Somerset’.

The cats had not been happy about being kept in but we couldn’t risk them heading off in to the woods and not being there when we were ready to go.   On the advice of the vet we reduced their food for 24 hours before the long drive and gave them some over-the-counter cat calming spot-on.    They have been in their cat carriers before but only to the local vets and it was evident that once we were on the way that the long journey was not going to go well – within about twenty minutes an ‘aroma’ filled the car and we travel the rest of the journey in a car filled with the stench of cat poo!

The removal vans (all three of them) arrived at our new place 10 minutes after us and the unloading commenced.   Everything was unloaded within just over three hours – the unpacking will take a lot longer.

The state of play at the moment is that small person has a neat and tidy bedroom with new curtains which she chose on Saturday morning (we found a shop called The Range in Taunton on Saturday morning which was brilliant for homewares).  There are still some of her toy boxes to unpack but she has enough unpacked for now to feel settled.  We also need to get her a wardrobe but she is very happy with her new room.

The kitchen is sorted and all kitchen ‘stuff’ unpacked.  Best of all my new washing machine and fridge arrive today.  I am not sure which of the two I am most excited about – the fridge so that I can do a proper, frugal shop and get some sensible meal planning done or the washing machine so that I can tackle the washing mountain that has grown up over the last couple of days.

There is still a vast number of boxes to unpack – at least 30 still in the house and 50+ in the garage.    Furniture is still being moved around as we get a sense of where it all works best.

We are having a day off from the unpacking tomorrow – we are planning to go to Lyme Regis for the day – one of my favourite places but somewhere I haven’t been for years.  There will, hopefully, be photos – if I can find the lead to connect the camera to the lap top.

Off now to do a little bit of blog-reading catch-up to see what I have missed.

Until tomorrow…


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