A day out in Lyme Regis

We had a day away from the unpacking today and set off for Lyme Regis quite early this morning.

It was a lovely drive, even if the small country roads are going to take a bit of getting used to.

I haven’t been to Lyme in about 20 years and when I did used to go quite regularly I always went in the winter when it is very quiet.   Unsurprisingly it was very busy today but we did have a great time.  I did take plenty of photos but can’t share any of them as I have yet to unpack the cable that will connect the camera to the laptop.

We all went for a paddle in the sea and had whitebait sitting on the sea front.  It was very windy today and we all came home with a good layer of sand stuck to us – sun protection cream really does act as a very effective adhesive for sand!   We didn’t really do much in Lyme – for small person it was all about sandcastles and paddling and after the chaos and busy-ness of the last few weeks I was more than happy just to still and relax on the beach and go and get my toes wet in the sea.

When we got home I fell asleep on the sofa for two hours!   I think I had reached a point where tiredness could no longer be pushed aside.   I have done no unpacking tonight so have had a complete day off – ready to have a busy day again tomorrow.

The state of play is that the kitchen is completely sorted – new white goods installed and all cupboards are in order and, so far with the minimal cooking I have done here, everything ‘works’ in terms of feeling like things are in the right place and a good kitchen rhythm is emerging.

The dining room furniture is all in place but there are boxes and boxes of books to unpack to go on the bookshelves in this room.  This room will also be my office/study so my desk is in but the box containing desk contents has yet to be unearthed.

Small person has a neat and tidy room, most of her toys are unpacked but we do need to get her a wardrobe so for now her hanging up clothes are still in the wardrobe box that they were moved in.

Our bedroom has all the right furniture in it, clothes are unpacked but there are still some boxes of miscellaneous stuff to unpack.

The sitting room is still complete and utter chaos, the sofa and chairs are in, book cases are in, tv is in, coffee table in, and about 25 boxes are also in the room!

The garage is no longer completed filled with boxes and stuff – we have managed to clear about 1/3 of it so there is still plenty to do.  Lots of stuff to come in to the house (book boxes), all my sewing stuff, boxes of fabric stash plus all my workshop stuff – oils, butters, essential oils for Natural Alchemy.

The plan for tomorrow is to get the sitting room in better order as on Thursday small person has a friend from her old school in Englefield Green visiting for the day – her friend’s granny and granddad live in Yeovil and she is visting them for a week and they are dropping her off here for a playdate.  Small person is very excited.

I think I am off to bed now.

Until tomorrow…


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