We have an ordered and tidy living room – not a box to be seen in it.   All of small person’s toys are unpacked and in the toy corner, lamps are in place, cushions unpacked and generally the room is looking like home.

There are still some empty bookshelves as we haven’t brought all the book boxes in from the garage yet.

We had some new furniture delivered yesterday – we needed to get a wardrobe and chest of drawers for small person and we bought a very beautiful butcher’s block table for the kitchen as I needed another surface and some lovely storage crates, both have added a bit of character to what was otherwise a bland kitchen.

I have now found the box with the camera/laptop connecting lead so will do photos later.

Now we have a clothes storage sorted for small person that means another couple of boxes can be dealt with today.   She has got a friend coming to play so we are off to the play park for a while and then I have a got a large box marked ‘outdoor toys and games’ for them to ‘unpack’!

Until later…


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