Some photos

Just as in the couple of weeks before we moved I was afraid that my posts were very dull as the move dominated most every day.

Now, one week on from having moved, the move still dominates.  We are still unpacking but the end is in sight.   There are some photos here from our first day.    They show some of the rooms and some of the boxes but, when these photos were taken, the garage was also completely full with boxes and stuff.   Now we have managed to create a path through the garage and there are only about a dozen boxes left in there to sort.   There are a few boxes left in the main bedroom to sort and then the garage left to tidy so that the stuff that will be living in there is more ordered.


Okay – just one photo as the batteries in the camera have just died and I need to recharge them.

Tomorrow we are off to the Taunton Flower Show – hopefully there will be photos when I report back tomorrow.

Until tomorrow…


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