More than just flowers

We had a day at the Taunton Flower Show yesterday.   It was much bigger than I expected with plenty to see and do – much more than just flowers.

The weather was glorious and small person had some great fun with organised parachute games when we arrived, there was a gun dog display which was really interesting.  A surprisingly interesting sheep display, lots of music, craft tent, garden and flower displays, competition tent, artisan food stalls, plenty of different ciders to try(!), bison (burgers) and a pyrotechnic display.DSCN2309[1]DSCN2310[1]DSCN2314[1]DSCN2326[1]DSCN2341[1]DSCN2342[1]

All in all a very jolly day – a nice walk there and back from the little village we live in just outside Taunton and the evening was spent relaxing with a bottle of Champagne – I know! the extravagance – well, it was my birthday.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


2 thoughts on “More than just flowers

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Well done you for having a bottle of champagne! You deserve it after all that moving. Glad you had a good day at the show, I think that the cider and bison burger would have been more my thing that the fire display, too scary for me!!! xx


    1. Thank you. The fire display was extraordinary, one of those things that makes you wonder what on earth was going through the mind of the person when they decided that was what they wanted to do for a living.


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