Moral high ground slipping away…..

I have commented before on the fact that my husband has a number of guitars – as things stand he has 8 but he has put 3 up for sale so will soon be down to 5.

I cannot deny that I have occasionally drawn attention to the fact that surely no-one needs 8 guitars (Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen etc might be exceptions here).

However I am perhaps in a situation now where the moral high ground I have tried to hold on to, about not having excess ‘stuff” when you can only use one thing  at time, is slipping away.    I popped to Lidl today and somehow this made its way in to my trolley:


32 built-in stitches, 1-step buttonhole function, automatic needle threader, lots of accessories included.   As you may know I do have two sewing machines already:  Sally the lovely Vintage Singer:


And my mum’s old Viscount Deluxe:


But I had been wanting a machine that offered more stitches, buttonhole functions etc so I could not resist the new machine when I saw it in Lidl.   So I now have three sewing machines – but, of course, I will now be sewing all the time!  I just needed this new machine to unleash previously untapped creativity!   And, of course, there is nothing daft about bringing a big new box in to the house when we still have boxes in the garage to unpack – no, not at all.

I will be doing some sewing soon…

Until tomorrow…


12 thoughts on “Moral high ground slipping away…..

  1. I’m in the rather strange situation that it’s my HG who BUYS me all the sewing stuff! I’m having to tell him to stop! A huge quilting board thingy and a cutting wheel turned up yesterday! I think I’m being forced into industry!!


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