Domestic Goddess

I have been a bit of a domestic goddess today.

Small person decided – a couple of days ago during another watching of Paddington – that we were due a marmalade day.  I’m afraid I do a bit of a cheat when making marmalade so the fact that it is not Seville orange season is not a problem – OH likes his marmalade (he is the only one who eats it as I don’t like it) made from the tins of prepared Seville oranges that you can get in Lakeland (this is how his mum used to make it).  I had one of these in the cupboard so we got the necessary sugar supplies from Lidl the other day and had ourselves a marmalade day today.    Small person helped me get the jars scrubbed and placed them in the oven to sterilise.  She weighed the sugar, measured out the water and put all the ingredients in the jam pam.  OH did lots of stirring and we ended up with 6 jars of marmalade – which small person then made labels for.


I also made two large jars of apple and plum chutney.   My ‘recipe’ for this was:

1lbs chopped onions

2lbs cooking apples (we have a very full tree in the garden which was the incentive for making this)

2lbs plums

200gs Dried fruit

600mls malt vinegar

600gms soft brown sugar

4 teaspoons mixed spice

2 teaspoons all spice.

Simmer the onions in half the vinegar, when they have softened add all the other ingredients (chopped to required size), simmer until you have a jam-like consistency and the pour in to hot, sterilized jars and seal.

I have got a lot more apples and plums to use up so I will make another batch of this in a day or so and then liquidise it and bottle it up in old ketchup bottles to use as homemade ‘brown sauce’.   I do this every year with a batch of dark chutney and it is popular with family and friends and makes up part of Christmas gift hampers with regular homemade chutney, jam etc.

We also have quite a lot of blackberries in the garden so I think I will make some blackberry and apple jam this week too.

Doing this chutney making and cheat-marmalade making today was another small activity that has helped to make our new place feel like home.

I also did a major garage-tidying-assault this afternoon and pretty much got everything in there in place.  Now I just have boxes of oils and soap making supplies etc to sort out in the workshop.

All in all, I think we have done quite well to get this organised in two weeks.   It feels like home here now.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess

  1. I think that you have done very well to get so much done in two weeks and to already be at the marmalade and chutney making stages of life!!!!! Your chutney sounds wonderful, I do love chutney especially homemade. I am not a marmalade fan though! xx


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