Domestic Goddess-ness continues!

Oh yes – have fruit, have preserving pan – will make!

Today was blackberry and apple jam:


Lots of ripe blackberries in the back garden (and still plenty more to ripen) and an apple tree laden with fruit.    A natural combination so four pots were made.  Small helped weigh the fruit (the amount made was based around the amount of ripe blackberries that I picked).  Equal weight of blackberries and apples and then the same amount of sugar as the combined weight of fruit.

Small person and I went for a bike ride around the village today and then went to the park with a picnic and some games and books.   And then made the jam when we got home.

A lovely day.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess-ness continues!

    1. Yes, we are definitely stock-piling at the moment. There should be more blackberries ripening soon so more blackberry and apple jam will be made. I am wondering if blackberry vodka is a thing – must look it up.


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