A bit of a cheat

It was chicken curry on the menu plan for tonight.

I have to admit that I am not the best at making curries – I think you need to make curries a lot to get to know the best spice  blend and we don’t eat curry often enough for me to be all that skilled in getting the balance of spices just right.

So tonight I cheated:


I sweated off some onions and carrots, added some diced chicken breast and then the jar of paste.  The label said to add some double cream but I didn’t have any and so as I sweated the veg and chicken off in butter (with some chopped garlic worked through) I just added another blob of butter and hoped for the best.

It worked.


I forget to take a photograph of it plated up with rice but it was delicious.  This is the first time I have tried one of these jars and I will certainly buy it again.   I realise curry purists would hold their hands up in horror but for a midweek dinner it worked just fine.

Last night we had dinner cooked for us as we had been invited over to a friends.  We had butternut squash, spinach and cheese pie which was delicious and I intend to try  making it soon.

This evening we have just caught up with last night’s Bake Off and some of the soda bread recipes sounded (and looked fantastic).  I like making soda bread – it is so quick and easy – so I think I will give one of the Bake Off recipes a go this weekend.

Until tomorrow…


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