Brick Wonders

Brick Wonders is the name of the Lego exhibition we went to today at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton.

Small person is, like most children, a huge Lego fan so the chance of seeing the Wonders of the World in Lego was too good an opportunity to miss!

It was lots of fun and there was also a room set aside for some Lego play.   There was then a Lego minifigure trail through the main museum which was also fun as there was a quiz sheet to complete.

We were surprised to find, at the end of it, that we had been there for three hours.   We then had very nice cakes and drinks in the museum café and did a small amount of miscellaneous shopping in Taunton.   There was a quick visit to Taunton’s World of Bears (for no reason other than why wouldn’t you).  Small person’s head came close to exploding with the sheer number of bears and cuddlies available and I had a very nice chat with the man who worked in the shop who picked up the aroma of essential oils I was wearing (I make my own perfumes and body sprays with essential oils) and so we had a very nice essential oil chat.

The rest of the day was taken up with the weekly shop in Lidl and then chatting to a very nice lady, who collected some garden furniture I had listed for sale on Gumtree, about the WI.   She is from the nearby Wellington group who recently attracted some national news attention for a charity book project.   The local WI group to me meets during the day so might be difficult in terms of work but the Wellington group is an evening meeting and has lots of smaller interest groups and generally sounds quite progressive than the more traditional groups.  As Wellington is only 6 miles away I might give it a go.

Homemade fish and chips for dinner – yum.

Until tomorrow…


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