Furniture revamp and a menu plan


We have had a busy day giving the garage a final sort and arranging my workshop and making a start on the furniture upcycling/revamping that we have had planned.

You may remember that we acquired this desk which we thought would be great for Small Person to have in her room for homework, drawing etc:


We bought sugar soap, chalk paint and varnish yesterday and today the transformation began – small person chose the colour (it is quite bright but in fairness it matches the crochet blanket that covers her bed and one of the stripes in her new curtains – her favourite colour is blue):


We sugar soaped yesterday and the desk had a first coat of paint this morning and a second this afternoon.  I am not sure this picture does it justice but it does look fabulous.   This is the first time I have used chalk paint and it is very nice to paint with.

We will varnish the desk tomorrow and it can be back in her room by Tuesday.

There is a lot of paint left and we have some garden chairs needing a facelift so…

We have also selected the colour we want to use on some other furniture we have.   In the sitting room we have a big old chest of drawers that is really good, heavy, solid wood but it is looking a bit tired, a small table and a blanket box that are also looking tired.  We have selected a chalk paint called French Linen for those items (sort of mink colour).  This will pick out the colour of the new lampshades and one of the stripes in the new sitting room curtains we have.   The furniture is rather drab now but is too good to get rid of so a paint face lift will be just the job.  I also have the writing desk I got very cheaply in a charity shop to upcycle and, though this is in the dining room, I think I might use the same colour  (FL) on that:


We also found a shop that had a lovely selection of knobs (no sniggering at the back please) so I will get some for the above desk and for the chest of drawers in the sitting room.

OH has decided the two chest of drawers in our bedroom which again are nice pieces of wood but looking tired should also be revamped and he wants them duck egg blue.

So we have plenty to be getting on with.

Menu plan for the week:

Today:  Roast pork and all the usual

Monday:  Tuna fishcakes and salad

Tuesday: Chilli

Wednesday:  Pasta with a bacon, mushroom and blue cheese sauce

Thursday: Homemade quiche

Friday:  Homemade fish and chips.

We spent some time in Wellington yesterday, a really lovely small town.

I didn’t get round to making a Bake Off inspired soda bread yesterday as we spent too long in Wellington.  Another day…

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Furniture revamp and a menu plan

  1. Loving the colour. I am planning on some furniture revamping when we move for our bedroom. Went to choose teal and yellow colour cards for my book of ideas yesterday. Talking of soda bread. I used to make it allthe time for my table at local craft events I used to attend. I am very impatient when it comes to bread therefore soda bread is perfect for me as it is quick and can be flavoured with pretty much anything.


    1. Teal and yellow sounds a very nice combination. I like the quickness of soda bread, sometimes I can plan ahead to make bread with the more traditional rise and prove time but a lot of the time it is good to know that you can make a loaf quickly.


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