Fyne Court

It was more puddle jumping today – really muddy ones.

We had a planned day with a friend and her two girls and the plan had been to go to Fyne Court and explore the nature trails.  We almost let rain stop play but decided to go for it anyway.

Fyne Court is a National Trust woodland with natural trails, streams, follies, play trail, sky glade – read more about it here:


I didn’t take photos as it was raining so much but we plan to go again in better weather.

The weather did not stop play today though.  We had wellies, rain macs, and good spirits to see us through.   We did two of the marked walks and the girls were all head to toe mud by the end of it.  They splashed, squelched, slid, wallowed (in the mud), climbed, explored and by the end of it were tired, filthy and very happy.

All had to travel home in their underwear as we had to remove their clothes before getting back in the cars!

Small person was put straight in the bath on the return home as the mud managed to soak through her clothes and her legs were filthy too.

It was enormous fun and possibly more fun in the rain than it would have been on a scorching hot day.

Tomorrow we have friends from our old village visiting us, they are arriving tomorrow and going home late on Thursday.   It will be lovely to see them.  One grown-up and two children (one of whom was at school with Small Person).   I am very lucky in that I have become firm friends with the mum.  Whilst, initially, all we had in common was the fact that we had children in the same class, I now considering myself lucky to count her as a true friend.  So small is very excited about seeing her old school chum (and his little sister who is also, now, a good friend) and I am really pleased to be seeing my friend.

Until tomorrow…


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