What’s not to love about chalk paint?

A second piece of furniture has been upcycled.

The first photo shows (I am somewhat ashamed to admit) the large chest of drawers on which our television sits.


As you can see it was very tired looking and lots of the handles had been damaged.  But it was a nice solid piece of furniture.    We decided to see if we could give it a new lease of life with some chalk paint and new knobs.

We chose the colour ‘Linen’ and a variety of new ceramic knobs and this is the finished result:


We are really pleased.  The old handles were removed and it was scrubbed down with sugar soap.  The old handle holes were filled and new holes were drilled for the new knobs. It was then given two coats of paint, and then the top was varnished and the rest of it was waxed.  Finally the new knobs were added.

That is  now two pieces of furniture that have been revamped.  We have a couple of other pieces that we want to do.  I am really happy that we are giving our furniture a new lease of life and transforming each room for very little money.

Today we went to the cinema (early morning cheap kids cinema) because it was pouring with rain.   A walk this afternoon and a lovely roast chicken dinner.

I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday Monday.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “What’s not to love about chalk paint?

    1. Thank you! We are really pleased with it. Both bits of furniture we have revamped have come up great – I think we have the bug – lots more painting planned – we might have to put a warning on the front door for visitors that if they stand still for too long they could end up painted!


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