Getting ready for school

Small person starts her new school tomorrow so currently my evenings are spent sewing on name labels.   The new school has an extensive sports kit which all has to be named as well as the everyday uniform – oh, and all socks and underwear are required to be named.  Also if an item of clothes does not have loops for hanging these have to be added too!

May well be burning the midnight oil tonight to get it all finished!


5 thoughts on “Getting ready for school

  1. Good grief, when and why do they think you small person will take off knickers and hang them up!! 🙂
    I used to hate sewing on labels and just did each end – which would make the hanging loop you need


    1. Well I was wondering about how often small person would be removing underwear but they have also insisted on two towels – one for swimming and one for regular PE so I think they shower after each PE session (as well as after swimming) so I guess that is when the knicker removal comes in. I have done the each-end-thing for a lot of the lighter stuff, lots of the (extensive) sports/PE kit is looped and so I have only had to add loops to a few of the heavier items. I have decided that socks are the worst for sewing labels in (yes, really, I’ve had to do socks) – two pairs of hockey socks, two pairs of PE socks and five pairs of regular every day socks. Most of the uniform and sports kit I have bought her is HUGE on her, hoping not to have to do much sewing next year!


  2. Oh, I sewed labels on the year my first boy went into Reception class.His name begins with an H. My second boy is in the next consecutive year so when things were passed down I altered the H to an A for his name where I could. However, I have not since that first year (they will be in year 3 and 4 this year) sewed in one label. I decided to use a laundry pen on things that needed washing regularly but other things I used a normal pen. When you are passing things down, as I am lucky to be able to do, it is just too much of a faf for me. The blessing with the school in Wales where they will start next week is that there are only about 60 childrren in the school so the chance of items going missing is reduced dramatically I think! Good luck with that midnight oil.


  3. My goodness that sounds like a lot of work! Takes me back to my own school days and sewing on name tapes for the first time when I went to secondary school and then other things later in life too! I hope that your daughter enjoys her new school. xx


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