Wellington Food Festival

We went to the Wellington Food Festival today.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my phone so there are no photos.    There were lots of stalls with a wide range of meat, cheese, cakes, pies, chutneys.    I bought some fantastic cheese, a West Country brie-style cheese bathed in cider.   I had some tonight with a crusty baguette and salad and it was delicious.

We bought some sausages – a few different flavours – now all in the freezer for meals at some point.    There was live music – some good, some not so good.  A big inflatable slide that small person had some fun on.   I also bought some very nice local cider – a glass of which I had with the cheese and bread tonight.

The afternoon was spent laundry sorting and then it was time for the Strictly Launch Show – small person was very excited.  Her favourite is Carol Kirkwood because she does the weather in the morning on BBC Breakfast News  – small person loves Carol!  I don’t have a favourite.

Until tomorrow…



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