A little bit of Paddington

As some of you might remember I treated myself to a new sewing machine the other week:


Well, I finally got round to having a little play with it today.


I didn’t have a huge amount of time so my ‘make’ was not very challenging but it was very nice to give the machine a go and get a feel for it.

I had asked small person if she would like some more cushions for her bed, one side of it is now against a wall and I said that if I made a row of cushions it would be a bit like a sofa for sitting on in the daytime when she wanted to read quietly to herself.  This idea appealed, we had some cushion pads but new covers were required so last weekend we got a metre and a half of Paddington fabric:


A metre and a half was easily cut in to four strips to make simple envelope cushion covers.  They simply needed stitching top and bottom with over-lapping folds on the reverse.


Small person is pleased and I got to play with my new machine – albeit briefly.

I had to pop in to Taunton today to pick up a few things – there was Christmas stuff everywhere – I was wearing 3/4 length trousers and a t-shirt as it was still quite warm – my brain could not really compute…

Until tomorrow…



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