Ebay and Gumtree

Pre and post move I have been trying to off-load some things we no longer need.   I got rid of quite a lot of stuff on Ebay before we moved and the money went towards purchases we needed to make in our new home.

A friend suggested Gumtree, as there are no fees – unlike Ebay.  Since we have moved I have sold three things on Gumtree, the buyers made contact and collected at the agreed time and paid with no fuss.    What has been frustrating is the 8 items I thought I had sold for which the potential buyers made contact, said they would collect and pay, never showed up and have not responded when I followed their no-show with a very politely worded email asking if they were still interested.

I think I will stick to Ebay, yes they take fees and you have to get to the Post Office with stuff but I have, to date, had less hassle with Ebay.

Just wondering what the experience of others might be?   Do you prefer Ebay or Gumtree, I don’t have enough stuff to get rid of to warrant doing a carboot sale – maybe I should stockpile and do a carboot next summer?

Today, however, some sugar soaping and varnishing of furniture is planned.

Have a good Saturday everyone.



2 thoughts on “Ebay and Gumtree

    1. Yes, I have been disappointed by gumtree – I also can’t understand why people would bother emailing to express interest, respond to my reply email giving them collection details, then just not show up and not respond to a follow up email – an awful lot of effort to not buy something!


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