Back to the monster

I have returned to the quilt:


This got put away about a month or so before we moved and has only just been brought out again.  It has moved on from the above photo in that I have nearly added enough hexi pieces to make it a square shape.  I need to take an up to date photo but the camera batteries have just run out of charge.

I will be making and adding a few more pieces tonight.    I did say, somewhat rashly, some months ago that I hoped to have it finished before we moved – I now have the sound of hollow laughter ringing in my head.    I now vow (or somewhat feebly suggest) that I will (might) have it finished by Christmas.    In my defence it is being all sewn by hand and, and, and, and, well, lots of other feeble excuses….

This post from Amy at Love Made my Home gave me the inspiration to get it out again and get on with it:

I will be victorious!

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Back to the monster

  1. Glad to be of inspiration to you!! I am working on some hexies at the moment – well not right now, I am blogging! – and I am finding out how much hard work this is, so I am in awe that you have sewn so many together!!! It looks beautiful! xx


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