Making toy storage

I had the sewing machine out again today!

We are still tweaking small person’s room and we got her a new bookcase the other day, and painted it up:


I needed to sort out new cuddly toy storage for her – she has quite a collection of cuddlies, a regular three that she sleeps with but quite a few others that she never plays with but doesn’t want to get rid of.   They were being stored in what was her cot but we wanted to put the cot back in to storage (it was mine when I was a baby so is being kept now for a third generation [if there is one]) so a new storage solution was needed.

I decided to make some toy storage for her.   I used some material I had in my stash – the main fabric used was from a pair of 100% cotton, plain cream curtains I had picked up in a charity shop for £2.50 some time back.   I had a blue sheet (also a charity shop bargain – 50p) which I decided to use to make a lining.   I decorated the storage with some gingham scraps I had which I cut in to heart shapes and stitched on.

The basic design was a square 15 x 15 inch bottom piece with tall sides.  The sides and bottom piece were bolstered with interfacing with the top folded back to show the lining.   It was a lot of simple straight line sewing apart from the stitching around the hearts.

Beginning the fabric cutting:



Cutting the interfacing:


Cutting the lining:


Ironing on the interfacing:


Sewing on the hearts:


The finished storage stuffed full of cuddlies:


In situ next to the new bookcase:


Now to move all of her books!

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Making toy storage

  1. You are a busy bee of late! Lovely bag! I think charity shops round here have cottoned on the the sewers trend of buying the quilts and curtains for. Other. Projects because the price seems to have suddenly gone up


    1. Thank you. That is a shame about the price hike in your area – it also doesn’t make sense because charity shops always have excess stock in the back rooms so you would think they would price it for a quick turn-over. I know they have got to make as much money as possible but selling things at a reasonable price makes more sense than not selling them because they are over-priced.


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