Brown sauce (and chutney) to be precise.

I had a making session this morning.  There are still lots of apples to use up from the tree in the garden so I decided to make some brown sauce and some apple chutney.

These are the ingredients but I didn’t measure – just used up what I had:

Apples – peeled, cored and chopped

Onion – chopped

Dried fruit – I had sultanas

Spices – I used a mixture of allspice and mixed spice

Sugar – mixture of dark and light soft brown

Malt vinegar

In terms of quantities I had (roughly) double the quantity of apple to onion, about the same amount of dried fruit to onion.

First off I simmered the onion in some of the vinegar for about 15 minutes and then simply added everything else.

After it had all bubbled away for a while and the vinegar had reduced a bit (but not completely) I ladled off enough to fill the four 500ml sauce bottles that I had.  I blitzed this amount with the hand blender and put it back in a pan on a hob to get it hot and bubbling again.  The remainder of the chutney I left reducing in the original pan.


I then funnelled the liquidised chutney in to sterilized sauce bottles.   These were then put in a deep pan, with the lids on the bottles but not done up tight.  I filled this pan with water (up to neck height on the bottles) and brought it to the boil and left the bottles bubbling away in the water for 10 minutes.    Then removed the bottles and did the tops up tight.



While I was doing all this the non-liquidized chutney had reduced enough to be put in to sterilized jars and sealed.


So a productive couple of hours all in all:


Until tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Sauce!

  1. Thought I left a comment here but maybe it failed. Wanted to ask if you always put your preserves and sauces in boiling water. I have made jam and chutney but never done that. What is the befit? Thanks.


    1. Hello, no other comment was from you was on the pending list – I would never not approve one of yours! The boiling water thing I have only seen advised for bottling home-made sauce – to be honest I don’t know why you have to do it, but it is what it says in several books I have so I do as I’m told!


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