Reasons to be cheerful, 1-10.

  1.  The sun seems to have come out for a last hurrah before Autumn really kicks in.
  2. England have just won the opening match of the Rugby World Cup.
  3. Small person is very excited about a trip to Bristol Zoo on Monday.
  4. We have a very lazy weekend planned.
  5. I have made some contacts and lined up my first contract for teaching work since our move.
  6. I can enjoy my lazy weekend after having a productive week on the home front.
  7. I bought some lovely flowers in Lidl today.
  8. I have some spring bulbs to plant in the garden.
  9. I caught up with a good friend this week and had a lovely natter.
  10. I had a small slice of a very delicious cake today.

I realise these are all very small and personal reasons to be cheerful, I am aware that in the wider world there are situations which are complex and distressing and people whose lives are far, far, from cheerful but I don’t think this type of blog is a place that can do justice to the complexity of those situations.

Have a lovely weekend.


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