‘Home’ and menu plan for the week.

We went to the cinema this morning to see ‘Home’. 

The local cinema does cheap family friendly films in the mornings at the weekends and through the holidays.  The films are always ones that have been out a little while but we don’t mind waiting.   It is £2.50 each which, for all three of us, costs less than one full price ticket.  Today was ‘Home’ which was very funny, small person laughed at lot and so did we!

Grass got cut this afternoon and some rugby was watched.     Small person wrote some letters to friends back at her old school and then I got on with cooking the roast.

Hardly a blog worthy day I’m afraid.

Menu plan for the week:

Today:  Roast pork

Monday:   Leftover Moussaka padded out with potato wedges and salad

Tuesday:  Meatballs and vegetable savoury rice

Wednesday:  Sausage and bean casserole

Thursday:  Pasta with a sauce made up of passata and whatever is in the fridge that needs using up.

Friday:  Homemade fish and chips

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Until tomorrow…


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