My work room

I have spent most of the day putting out feelers for teaching work.  I have secured one contract for the academic year but it is only for a few hours a week so I need to find more.

I will also be home tutoring and the room in which I will tutor is the dining room/my study:


This room contains the books I will most likely need for teaching and tutoring and for my own writing and research.   I have got a couple of other bookcases in the hall with books that are less likely to be teaching texts.   I think it looks bookish enough to inspire a student who might come to me for tutoring but not overwhelming.

And as the table is also where I sit to use my sewing machine that is tucked neatly away behind the door!


I think it is my favourite room in the house because it is the room that probably says most about me.

What space in your house says most about you?

Until tomorrow…


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