Hardly a recipe but…

I didn’t get round to blogging last night (my usual time) as I went to bed rather early feeling flu-ey and wrung out.

Feel fine this morning though so it was obviously a little something that was simply dealt with by a good night’s sleep.

Our dinner last night was meatballs, veg and cous cous.  So a recipe/method, such as it is:

I shaped a 450gm packet of mince in to smallish meatballs, adding nothing to the mince other than salt and pepper.


Lots of veg were softened/cooked in oil in a big pan – leek, onion, peppers and mushroom:


To this was added some cous cous (275g of cous cous, soaked in 500ml of stock and left covered for 10 mins or so to absorb all the stock, then fluffed up with a fork and salt and pepper added).  I had planned to do rice but it occurred to me that cous cous would work better.  When I added the ‘cooked’ cous cous to the vegetables I did also add a generous knob of butter as I mixed it all together.


Simple, cheap and very delicious!

Until tomorrow…


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