Sewing again

I am on the make again – sewing that is.   Small person needs a new dressing gown as her current one is getting rather short.

I realise I could buy one for not that much  money but now that I have my new sewing machine and a large stash of fabric to do something with, I have decided to maker her one.  I knew I had some nice warm fleece fabric:


I decided to sketch out a rough plan of what was needed:


One back piece, two front pieces, a belt, two sleeves, and a collar.   I will probably add pockets.  As I have got her, now too short, dressing gown to use as a template I have decided not to make a paper pattern but to cut the fabric free-hand.  Time will tell if that is a HUGE mistake.

Last night I got on with cutting out the pieces:


The cat is not integral to the finished garment.   The only pieces still to cut are the collar as I think they will be easier to get right once the main pieces are joined together.   This may well not be conventional and more experienced sewers might be reading this in horror but I think it is what will work best for me.   I have remembered obvious things like making sure the total width of the two front pieces is significantly more than the width of the back to allow for a good wrap-over, and I have remember seam allowance and hem allowances.

I wont get this sewn up today but hopefully will do so over the weekend.  I will post a photo of the finished product whether good or disastrous.   If it is good I will be feeling quite pleased with myself for having done it so why not show it and if it is a disaster I will show the photo to illustrate the perils of trying to do something free-hand!

Essentially it is a dressing gown that needs to keep her warm and cosy that she will only be seen in by us, at home.   I wouldn’t try to free-hand a coat!

I hope you all have a good day.

Until tomorrow…


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