Brunch is a great meal – I don’t go without breakfast when we have brunch on a Sunday.  We are usually up early enough to have something light – fruit and yoghurt – first thing and then something a bit more substantial at around 11.30 – noon which keeps us going until Sunday roast at about 6.30pm.   I don’t call what we eat in the middle of the day on a Sunday lunch because it tends to be based around foods more  breakfast-y than lunch-y.   If you know what I mean….?!

We have, for a while now, been stuck in a bit of an pancake rut so yesterday we decided to try potato cakes – they worked!


450g potatoes

115g plain flour

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper ( you could, of course, add herbs or spices to these depending on what you were having them with).


Make mash with the potatoes and when the mash is ready add the flour. olive oil and seasoning.

Mix this in to a dough which you then roll out on a floured surface.   You need the thickness of the dough to be only around 5mm, any thicker and they wont cook in the middle.

Use a scone cutter to cut out your potato cake rounds and then fry them in a little oil until golden brown.  You need to fry them on a low heat so that they are cooked in the middle.

We had ours with some crispy bacon and fried eggs – yum!   They are a bit of a faff to make but worth the effort.

Some photos of the above:


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the working week has started well for you.

Until tomorrow…


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