A successful make!

I posted a couple of days ago about planning to make a dressing gown for small person with some warm fleecy fabric I had.   I got the pieces cut last Thursday but didn’t manage to get the sewing machine out until yesterday.

I am pleased with the result.   It was done without a pattern so is not perfect and, I have to confess that I wimped out of trying to put a proper collar on.  On the collar area I had allowed enough fabric to turn in a decent hem so I just did this and did some top stitching to give a nice finish.


Plenty of growing room!

(And, yes, the picture in the background, over the fireplace, is still wrapped in bubble wrap and packing tape – one day we will get round to putting a picture hook up, unwrapping the painting and hanging it!)

Method:  (I don’t pretend to call this a tutorial as I was winging it but the method might be of use to someone).

  1.  Joined the front and back pieces at the shoulder seams.
  2. Stitched sleeves to shoulders of main garment
  3. Stitched along sleeve seam and followed round down the length of the dressing gown.
  4. Turned in middle front hems along length of front and did some top stitching to give some detail and a good finish to the front openings.
  5. Turned collar under (along the full length of the collar) and did two rows of topstitching (about 2cms apart) to give a good finish
  6. Made the belt by stitching a length of fabric (right sides together – push out the right way with the aid of a knitting needle). Then top stitch both short ends to give a good finish.
  7. Made two small belt loops and stitched in place.
  8. Stitched a hem and then a turn-up on the sleeves
  9. Hemmed the bottom of the whole garment.

I was pleased with the end result (though I am not suggesting it is perfect) and small person loves her new snuggly dressing gown even though it is pink (it was the only fleecy fabric I had and I can’t remember what I bought it for), her favourite colour is blue but she likes that it is warm, snuggly and long enough (her old dressing gown is now so short on her it barely covers her bottom).

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “A successful make!

  1. Aww it’s so good! Well done – no pattern! I’ve a pattern and a request to make a new dressing gown for the HG! I’m on the hunt for some bargain towelling and fleece! The one he has picked had a hood! It might take me some time!!!


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