Sort of Tortilla

The plan was for tortilla tonight, as I haven’t made one since I don’t know when  I thought it would make a change.

I think I now know why I haven’t made one for a long time – it really was rather dull.   It was well seasoned and plenty of herbs added but it tasted a bit – well – meh!

It was meat free – I like to cook a couple of meat free meals a week, for reasons of economy and health, but I think this was one dish that would have really benefitted from a good few pieces of, perhaps, chorizo to infuse it with a bit of a kick.

To make it I used thinly sliced potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and spring onions which I layered up in a flan dish, with grated cheese on each layer and then poured over a well seasoned beaten egg mix with lots more grated cheese on top.   The whole thing was then baked on 190 for 40 minutes.

It wasn’t horrible, just a bit dull.    I will try it again soon, I think, with some chorizo – which I know means it will no longer count as a meat free dinner but needs must when it comes to a nice dinner and life is too short to eat unnecessarily bland food.

Some photos of the process – but imagine it with some nice orangey-red chunks of chorizo!


Yes, even with all that cheese it was still bland!  Oh well.

Until tomorrow…


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