Baking and knitting

I am not sure what it is about autumn that makes me want to knit?   But it does, so a little bit of internet shopping and some lovely yarn has been purchased so that I can make small person a new jumper:


As you might be able to see from the label the yarn contains 25% British wool – I was quite pleased that I found this and it wasn’t ferociously expensive.

Some baking got done yesterday.  On Sunday we had a beefy-goodness casserole and I made a lot in order to make some pies for the freezer.   I had kept the extra in the fridge since Sunday and yesterday had a pastry making session (also made a flan for dinner – more of which in a minute) and got two pies made and put in the freezer:


And for dinner we had a red onion, bacon and brie tart:

Line a quiche dish with pastry (pastry made with 1/2 fat to flour – I always use lard for savoury pastry)

Fry (slowly) lots of chopped red onion until they are softened and slightly caramelised.

Chop up some streaky bacon rashers and fry them off

Slice up a good piece of brie

Whisk up eggs, cream, and lots of seasoning

Assemble tart:   onions first, a few thin slices of brie, then scatter the bacon pieces,  over this pour the beaten egg mixture, top with more slices of brie and bake at 190 for about 40 minutes.


I only remembered to photograph the flan after we had cut in to it but I hope the final photo shows enough for you to see what it was like.

It did taste great!   This is definitely one I shall be making again.   But, then, bacon and brie – what’s not to like!

Hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…


12 thoughts on “Baking and knitting

  1. The flan looks delicious. And I’m with you on the knitting. In summer my hands get too hot and sweaty to knit, so I pick up my needles again come autumn. From where on the internet did you buy the wool?


  2. Oh, silly me, silly me – I’ve only just found your comments button. I thought you didn’t have one because after I’d read the whole post by flicking to the next page there was no comments section at the bottom of the post. Silly me. I’m commenting now though – the quiche looks delicious.


      1. Grated zucchini works very well in breads – makes a moist sweet cake bread, along the line of a banana bread. (Thor’s favorite zucchini bread also includes has unsweetened chocolate powder, a dash of espresso and a cup of chocolate pieces.)


    1. It was quite extravagant – I tend to make flans to use up odd scraps of veg, so the bacon and brie combination did make it more expensive than any other quiche I normally make, but it was worth it!


  3. Yes, there is something about autumn and woolly projects … they do go together, just as cool weather and all your lovely pies fit perfectly too.

    I made apple pies earlier this week and they really did hit the spot with a fragrant cup of tea.

    My first time visit here … enjoyed your post.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend…


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