Making bias binding

I bought a set of bias binding makers ages ago:


And finally got round to trying them out last night.   In the interests of trying to use up some of my stash:


I found a large piece of pink gingham which will make nice trim to some heavy duty cotton I plan to make a new apron out of.

The bias binding making is quite straightforward:  Cut the material on the bias (diagonally across which gives it stretch so you can use it to edge things without bunching or puckering the fabric).

Decide what width you want your binding to have when it is all folded and cut your strips 4 x that.

Ideally at this point you then square the edges of the strips and join them together.  (I didn’t join my strips as I was just playing around for now).  Then feed the strips through the bias binding maker and press with an iron inch by inch as it comes through the gadget.


Once I got in to the swing of doing this it was quite easy.   I’ll make some more, joining the strips before I put them through the bias maker.  Then I will have a length long enough to trim the apron I plan to make.

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…


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