Rolling, rolling, rolling – sausages!

A sausage roll but without the pastry – as this was to have on Sunday with all the usual roast trimmings (roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings etc) I thought we could do without the pastry.

So a ‘sausage roll’

Recipe (such as it is)

Sausage meat from 12 good quality sausages (I know that sounds a lot but I made two of these – one for the freezer)

Pkt of sage and onion stuffing mix

Chopped parsley, salt and pepper

Make the stuffing mix, when cool enough to handle mix with the sausage meat – get your hands in to really squidge it together.

When amalgamated take half and shape it in to a large sausage shape

Place this on tin foil

Cover the ‘sausage’ with strips of streaky bacon

Wrap in the tin foil to make a parcel

Cook in the oven (at 180) for 45 minutes

Open the foil parcel and cook for another 20 minutes for the ‘sausage’ to brown nicely.

Serve with all the usual roast trimmings.

This was very tasty – even though it did fall apart a bit(!)


Hope you have all had a good start to the week.

Until tomorrow…


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