Wool Week 2015

It is Wool Week here in the UK, a week of events to celebrate and encourage the use of wool – here is a link for more information:


As I mentioned the other week, for me (and I know for many others) this is the time of year when we get knitting.  There is something about hunkering down with some knitting when the nights are longer, it is generally chilly and autumn feels like it is well and truly here.

I have been making progress with my first knit of the season:


A jumper for small person with yarn from www.marrineryarns.com

This yarn is a blend with 25% British wool – so I feel I am doing a small bit to support an important British industry. It is lovely to knit with and I will be buying more.   I should stress this is not a sponsored post, I bought the yarn myself but I am happy to post about it because it does contain British wool and it is lovely to knit with.   They also do an Aran yarn with 25% British wool too.

I have also bookmarked this place for some future shopping:


I think I am more likely to use 100% wool content yarn in any knitting I do for myself or OH as we don’t grow out of clothes in the way a small person does so the increased cost of the wool is more justified as a jumper or cardigan will last many years rather than just one winter for a child.

I think I might start with wool for socks from Brityarn.

Anyway I hope the knitters out there are progressing well with their own projects.

Until tomorrow…



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