It’s that time of year again…

I know that it is not to everyone’s taste but -woo hoo – it’s back!


Series 6 started in the UK last night and what a great opening to the series – walkers by the hundreds, Daryl being brooding and gently challenging Rick, Carol still playing scatty soccer mom, although Morgan can see through it, some great one-liners (mostly about hair and peanut butter protein bars) and a great cliffhanger for part 2 next week.   It seems now that each episode will be followed by The Talking Dead chat show which has been on in America for the last couple of series I think but we only got it in the UK after the series 5 finale.   Great little show, always a couple of members from the cast and/or crew/production team/writers etc on the sofa – lots of fun.

But, as I say, I realise it is not liked by everyone so I wont be doing a weekly Walking Dead post – just this one to celebrate the return!

Tomorrow, business as usual…


2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again…

    1. To be perfectly honest I can’t think of a better way to spend half term. It is probably fair to say that the start of series 2 dips a bit (there were all sorts of writer problems and budget problems apparently) BUT push on through as it picks up in the second half of series two and just gets better and better from there on right up to where it is now.


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